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The Platypus prototype was designed and built by:
Boyd Wyatt on Karragarra Island in Morton Bay.

The Platypus spent everyday for a year in the salt water of
Morton Bay, the running gear was not specially coated and shows
how well the Suzuki Jimny donor vehicle is prepared for the harsh
elements in Australia.

Our prototype was developed and built to handle a 2m swell,
it is a twin tunnel designed hull and is very stable in rough water.

Due to the versatility of the Platypusís design it can be used for
emergency, search and rescue as well as recreation or
daily transport.


Current Specifications of the Platypus are:

Speed on water                           Approximately 7 knots
Speed on land                             100 kph
Dimensions                                  1.8m X 4.5m
Engine size                                  1300cc
Gears                                            5 forward 1 reverse
Drive on land                                Dual range four wheel drive
Drive on water                              8 inch single stage jet
Seats                                             4
Fuel Capacity                               40 Litres

Base model priced from $55,000 +GST
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